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The process is easy. First, you complete the online sign up form. When we receive and review it, a Debt Repayment Representative will contact you to discuss your options and your current situation. Then, that Representative will personally contact each of your creditors to negotiate the lowest interest rates possible and notify them that you are in the process of correcting your debt. Creditors sometimes acknowledge this commitment by not only reducing your interest rates, but by also reducing your other fees and penalties. Often your records are marked as “current” which allows your credit to begin being restored.

After all of your creditors have been contacted, the manager will combine your bills into one, lower monthly statement. You send one check once a month to the Debt Repayment Representative and they pay your creditors. Because your interest rates and fees are lower, you can often pay less while actually putting more money towards your principle. Using a debt management program can reduce the amount of time it takes to pay off your current debts from 15-45 years into just 3-6 years!

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